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Advanced Drilling specializes in Rotary drilling. Our equipment, knowledge and qualified personnel allow us to give our customers the best service possible in Western Washington State.  

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A modern water well is much more than a hole in the ground. In rotary drilling, a drill bit made of tough metals is attached to a length of connected drill pipe. As the drill is rotated, the bit grinds up the rock. The broken pieces (cuttings) are flushed upward and out of the hole by circulating a drilling fluid (sometime called drilling mud) down through the drill pipe and back to the surface. This drilling fluid also serves to cool and lubricate the drill bit, and by stabilizing the wall of the hole, it can prevent possible cave-in of unstable sands or crumbly rock before the well casing or well screen is installed. As the drill intersects water bearing rock formations water will flow into the hole. We carefully monitor the depth of water “strikes” and keep a note of the formations in which they occur. The top of the well is usually lined with a well casing. Since the diameter of the drilled hole is usually an inch or two wider than the diameter of the casing, the space between the two (called the annulus) has to be filled with grout to prevent the chance of polluted surface water from migrating downward along the outside of the casing where it might contaminate the aquifer. Ensuring family’s long-term health and satisfaction is at the heart of every drill.
We use Johnson Screens well screens. These provide the following advantages to your well:

  • Stop sand production
  • Avoid pump damage
  • Improve well efficiency
  • Improve pumping efficiency
  • Maximize water flow rate into the well
  • Reduce well maintenance
  • Increase well life.
  • Please mark the well site with a stake marked “WELL”.
  • There needs to be at least 15 feet of clearance with no overhead wires or tree limbs.
  • The site needs to be wide enough for the drill rig and the support vehicle (about 15 feet).
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