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When you need professional water well pump installation or well pump repairs on your property in or near Yelm, WA contact the experienced professionals at Advanced Drilling LLC. Well pumps are used to bring water from the underground water table, and wells in Washington State are drilled to an average of 150 feet deep, so utilizing the services of professionals is essential for your safety and your sanity. Advanced Drilling LLC has been providing Western Washington with well drilling, modifying/repairing current wells, pump installation, filtration, and more for over 35 years. If there’s a problem with a well, we’ve seen it and solved it.

Can I Drill A Well Myself?

If you’ve been considering a well installation on your property in or near Yelm, WA you may have a few of your friends encouraging you to make your new well a DIY project. Proper well installation is a project that should be left to the professionals at Advanced Drilling LLC, because installing a new well involves the following:

    • First, you need to know if you have a water right. Unless you have one of the following exemptions, you need to apply for a water right.
      • Providing water for livestock
      • Watering a personal lawn/garden that is ½ acre or less
      • Providing water for a single home groups of home (5,000 gallons/day)
      • Providing water for industrial purposes, irrigation included (5,000 gallons/day, no acreage limitations)
    • Where will your well go? You have to plan for where your well is placed on the property. Your well should be on high, well-draining ground, and away from potential sources of contamination, like septic systems, industrial lagoons, pipelines, and livestock yards. There are setback requirements for your well that you must follow.
    • You must notify Ecology 72 hours before well construction and pay the appropriate fees

After all the legalities have been met, well drilling and construction can begin

At Advanced Drilling LLC, we have the training, certification, and experience to put in a reliable well quickly and efficiently. Well drilling and installation is our expertise, so we can make this seemingly complicated process simple for you.

Professional Well Water Drilling and Installation

At Advanced Drilling LLC, we use rotary drilling for both personal and commercial wells. Rotary drilling entails a tough drill bit that is attached to a length of drill pipe. The bit breaks through tough soil, roots, and rocks, drawing them up to the surface. After the well has been drilled, a Johnson Screen is installed. Johnson screens help stop sand production, avoids pump damage, improves well efficiency, maximizes flow rate, reduces the need for maintenance, and overall extends the life and health of your well.

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If you’re thinking about installing a water well pump on your property in Yelm, WA contact the experienced professionals at Advanced Drilling LLC. For over 35 years, we’ve provided professional well drilling, well installation, and well repair services to the residents and businesses in Western Washington. Contact us at 360-273-7735 for more information on our well water installation.

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